LaunchPods! Private Office Suites

Introducing: Launch[Pod] Suites
Huh… a Launch[Pod]?
Beginning in early 2015 we’ll be offering an all new mood-lit, co-working experience at LaunchPads that we call a Launch[Pod]. A Launch[Pod] is a fully loaded private office suite that gives you and your team a dedicated space to grow and thrive.What’s included in a Launch[Pod] Suite?
-> Electronic Keyless Entry to your Pod
-> Fully Furnished with desks, comfy chairs and desk lighting
-> Fully Powered (USB + Standard Power Outlets)
-> Fast and Secure Wireless Internet Access
-> 24/7 Access
-> Conference Room Access
-> Customizable Mood Lighting
-> Mail & Package Delivery
-> Month-to-Month Billing

How much is a Launch[Pod]?
One-person Launch[Pod] Suite: $300.00 / month [pre-reserve]
Two-person Launch[Pod] Suite: $400.00 / month [pre-reserve]

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