Beta Update, Story in DNAinfo NYC and Partner Updates!

It’s been a pretty exciting week or so. Word of our launch has begun to spread pretty quickly following our web site launch. Social channels are driving a steady stream of traffic to our site and the number of folks applying for our Beta Program and Joining the Community has been incredible. So, thank you to everyone that has spread the word! Please keep it up!

Next up, I had the pleasure of sitting down with Nick Rizzi from DNAinfo New York to talk about LaunchPads and our mission in St. George. You can catch the full story here. Thanks Nick!

Last, but not least, we are in the process of searching out and establishing partnerships with vendors in St. George. Specifically, we’re looking for restaurants that currently serve lunch and would be interested in partnering up to offer a valuable joint service to our members. It’s a great opportunity to expand your customer base and lunch time crowd. Any restaurant owners or managers that are interested, please contact us through or @launchpads60bay



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